How to stop robocalls in few easy steps?

If you are receiving too many robotic calls and you are fed up of them then you can easily get rid of them by following an easy step wise procedure. Given below are some easy to follow steps through which one can block all the robocalls –

  • Avoid answering – First of all nowadays cell phones are designed with inbuilt tools that automatically detect a spam call and thus it already starts flashing on the screen that the call is spam and thus the person can easily avoid such calls.
  • Do not talk – Even if somehow you end up answering a robotic call then it is advised that you do not say a word on the call specially do not answer to anything as “yes” because mostly such calls are scam and the scammers tend to use recordings of such calls against the people at some point later in order to get them trapped in the scams.
  • Do not press anything on keypad – Even if the automated voice on the call directs you to press anything on the keypad of your cell phone it is strongly recommended that you do not do that.
  • Do not share personal information– It is advisable that you do not share any of your personal information over any such robotic call as that can be harmful for your own privacy.
  • Do not call list – You can also register yourself on FTC and can further add the robotic calls to the FTC list and the calls will no longer disturb you.

It is not just about getting fed up and irritated from such calls it is also that most of the robotic calls are a scam and can thus cause monitory and personal harm to people therefore it is best to remain away from such calls.

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